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Walmart’s Personal Shopper Service Launches in New York

June 1, 2018, 1:21 PM UTC

The big box store that prides itself on low prices has launched a not-so-inexpensive digital concierge service.

Walmart’s personal shopper service, called Jetblack, is rolling out in parts of New York, aiming to help “busy moms” get their shopping done. At $50 per month, though, it could have a hard time prying people away from Amazon Prime (AMZN).

Jetblack does offer different services than the online giant, though. Customers can send a text for what they need and have it delivered for free to any building (as long as it has a doorman), sometimes on the same day. Also included are gift wrapping and hand-written cards, curated recommendations, and returns (which the company will pick up).

Just about anything can be ordered, though you’ll still have to visit the stores for perishable foods, alcohol, and prescriptions.

The service was previously available in a closed beta test in Manhattan. Wannabe new members will have to join a waitlist for the service.

“With Jetblack, we have created an entirely new concept that enables consumers to get exactly what they need through the convenience of text messaging and the freedom of a nearly unlimited product catalogue,” said Jenny Fleiss, Jetblack’s co-founder and CEO in a statement.

While the focus is certainly on items from Walmart (WMT) and, one differentiator for Jetblack is it will also procure items from local, outside retailers. The company pointed to examples of a beauty cream from a local boutique or custom Easter baskets, delivered after the kids have gone to sleep.

Walmart has been stepping up its fight against Amazon of late, improving its inventory data systems and opening FedEx locations (FDX) within stores. It’s also trying to lure employees away, offering to pay college tuition bills for U.S. employees seeking an associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in business or supply-chain management.