Someone Could Make Pretty Good Money When the Royal Baby Is Named

April 23, 2018, 2:53 PM UTC

Kate Middleton is a mom for the third time, giving birth to an eight pound, seven ounce baby boy Monday morning. And, as with all things royal, the fascination over the newborn is already staggering.

Oddsmakers have been taking bets on what the child will be named since the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy was announced. And with the name announcement imminent, people are getting their last guesses in.

Here’s what we know. The newest royal won’t be called Prince George. His big brother laid claim to that four years ago. And royal babies tend to be named after ancestors or relatives.

The odds on the favorite, Arthur, is 2/1, according to the British online gambling site Ladbrokes. James is a fairly close second at 4/1. Those are followed by Albert (6/1), Philip (8/1) and Alexander (10/1).

But what about the real longshots? Well, if Prince William is secretly a huge fan of World of Warcraft and goes with Leroy, someone will see a payout of 500/1. (Yeah, it’s distinctly unroyal, but how amazing would it be to know there’s a Prince Leroy in line for the British crown?)

Wayne will pay out 300/1, as will Jason, Keith, Rodney, Wayne, and Tyrone.

It’s not looking good that the royals will name their child after the president of the United States, by the way. The odds of Donald being the name is 250/1.