Local Craft Brewers Are Betting Big on Super Bowl 52

January 30, 2018, 7:44 PM UTC

Super Bowl 52 is this Sunday and will see the Philadelphia Eagles take on Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.

In addition to being great at football, both Philadelphia and Boston have something else in common: they’re both big beer cities. In honor of the big game, brewers in both cities have made a friendly bet against each other. Boston is represented by Sam Adams and Jack’s Abby. Philadelphia is represented by Victory and Yuengling.

The losing brewery has to wear the opposing teams’ jerseys and colors at their brewery and the team’s signature mask. Both will also spend the week making donations to charity. In Boston, that comes in the form of donating to a bald eagle preserve, while in Philly they’ll be collecting donations to preserve the Freedom Trail.

“Like last year, we’re behind New England all the way as they head to the big game,” Samuel Adams founder and brewer Job Koch said in a statement. “To put our beer where our mouth is, we’re wagering a brewer’s bet with our lager-loving friends at The Abby against underdogs, Victory Brewing and Yuengling. We know this one’s not going to be easy. Watching a thrilling game with a great craft beer in hand never gets old and we hope to watch Goodell hand over another trophy our favorite New England.”

It’s a sentiment echoed from the other side.

“Like the majority of Philly born and bred Eagles’ fans, we’re proud of our homegrown roots. So much so that we named our newest beer Home Grown,” says Rob Barchet, Co-Founder of Victory Brewing Co. “And you can guarantee we’ll be raising our glasses of Home Grown to these local legends this Sunday. On the road to Victory!”

And if New England wins the championship there’s an even bigger prize for fans in the Boston area. Sam Adam’s is offering anyone 21+ who shows up in New England Gear at its taproom a free celebratory beer.