A California Restaurant Got Caught Serving Popeyes Chicken to Customers

October 19, 2017, 5:06 PM UTC

When you go out for dinner, you don’t expect the restaurant to serve you fried chicken picked up from a different fast food chain. However, that’s exactly what happened at Sweet Dixie Kitchen in Long Beach California.

One Yelp reviewer, identified at “Tyler H.” posted a review this week saying that he saw restaurant workers bringing in large boxes of fried chicken from Popeyes into the kitchen. He originally thought it was a meal for the employees, but after ordering chicken himself realized that the had been served Popeyes chicken along with his meal, reports Fox News.

At the restaurant, he complained about his meal being “stale” and received a refund.

While serving Popeyes chicken as your own is something you’d expect a restaurant to hide or lie about, the restaurant owner, Kimberly Sanchez, responded to Tyler’s review, noting that it “proudly serves” chicken tenders from Popeyes, which is delivered twice a day. She says that her restaurant’s kitchen is not set up for frying.

She went on to note that the gumbo and jam sold at the restaurant also isn’t made there, and “if we run out of our own slow-cooked pork, in order to keep our menu intact. I will order a batch of carnitas from the best place in Long Beach.”

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