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Trump Calls on Senate Intel Committee to Probe ‘Fake News Networks’

One day after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held a news conference to deny reports he had threatened to resign, President Donald Trump is launching another offensive on news outlets.

In an early morning tweet Thursday, Trump called for the Senate Intel Committee to investigate “Fake News Networks.”

Beyond NBC’s report that Tillerson had threatened to quit, the network also claimed he had called Trump “a f*****g moron.” Tillerson didn’t explicitly address the name calling accusation in his address.

Trump, who had a friendly relationship with NBC when he was hosting The Apprentice on that network, has long had an adversarial relationship with the U.S. media, once calling outlets “an enemy.”

He has also had a high profile feud with MSNBC, launching personal attacks on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, anchors of the network’s Morning Joe program.

Despite the criticism towards news outlets, The New York Times and the Washington Post have reported huge subscriptions boosts since Trump took office.