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Pumpkin Spice Pizza Tries to Ruin First Day of Autumn

The first day of fall is here and to celebrate, national pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen introduced Friday what its calls the first-ever Pumpkin Spice Pizza at nearly 230 locations across the U.S. because the company knows we “crave that warm pumpkin spice flavor.”

Just maybe not when it’s combined with mozzarella.

The pumpkin spice pizza has officially pushed the pumpkin spice obsession started by Starbucks’ PSL into new, troubling territory where everything must smell and taste like a combination of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and of course, pumpkin. There’s even a spray in case that pizza isn’t pumpkin spicy enough.

Still curious to try it? Let’s take a quick perusal of how Villa Italian Kitchen describes it and then see how you feel.

Their description in a press release sent out earlier this week:

Pumpkin pie filling, loaded with spicy notes of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, is then spread across each crust before being piled with 100% whole-milk mozzarella and baked to golden-brown perfection. Additional dollops of pumpkin pie filling are added on top of the melty cheese for the perfect marriage of a classic cheese pizza and everyone’s favorite fall flavor.

Villa Italian Kitchen’s Pumpkin Spice Pizza will be a seasonal offering. The chain say it is only available only “while supplies last.” One slice costs about $4.09.