New Dolls For Girls From WWE and Mattel Can Body Slam Barbie

July 20, 2017, 8:40 PM UTC

Move over, Barbie. There’s a new doll in the toy aisle: At this week’s Comic-Con conference in San Diego, Mattel and WWE are announcing a series of “fashion dolls” in the likeness of female wrestling champions like Nikki and Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, and Alicia Fox.

Don’t know who they are? Then you’re probably not a WWE fan. But billions of people worldwide do fall into that category—and nearly 40% of them are women. (The wrestling powerhouse is the No. 1 sports channel on YouTube, ahead of the NFL and other professional leagues.) To cater to its female fans, WWE has recently launched several new initiatives, including enhancing the character development and storylines of its female wrestlers and putting them on the main roster at events—as outlined by Stephanie McMahon, the company’s chief brand officer, at Fortune’s recent Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo. For its younger female fans, WWE’s first-ever line of girl-geared dolls will launch at Toys”R”Us stores nationwide in September.

“There’s this movement towards women’s athletics,” McMahon, who also happens to be WWE owners Linda and Vince McMahon’s daughter, said in an earlier interview with Fortune. “We are noticing the interest of girls more and more.”

Mattel is also noticing the growing interest in a more diverse set of toys for girls. “We know girls expect to see empowered characters in the toy aisle,” Lori Pantel, an SVP and GM at Mattel, told Fortune in an email. “The WWE fashion dolls offer a unique play experience that allow girls to re-create the in-ring action with a doll that was designed to appeal to them.”

Indeed, one size does not fit all. Over the last year or so, Mattel has aimed at retooling its traditional Barbie line to add more diverse dolls (think curvy Barbie). Even Ken has gotten a makeover (say hello to “dad bod” Ken). And other toy lines have also branched into less gender-traditional categories. Some retailers, like Target, are taking things a step further, removing references to gender and so-called “pink” and “blue” aisles in stores.

The WWE toys, however, will be marketed specifically to girls. Each 12-inch doll will come with multiple outfits and, of course, a championship title belt with metallic medallions. Other accessories include headbands and “Legit Boss” rings. Don’t know what those are either? Go watch Wrestlemania—women athletes are now included.

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