Most Popular Episodes of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black

June 9, 2017, 9:23 PM UTC

Netflix released season five of Orange Is the New Black on Friday, though ten episodes of the show leaked last month. The newest installment picks up the lives of Litchfield’s inmates in the middle of the prison riot where we left them at the end of season four.

The show was only the third Netflix original series when it first premiered in 2013. Much like the very first Netflix original, House of Cards, each season ends in an intense finale.

Grace Donnelly

The most popular episodes tend to be these dramatic finales. The most highly rated episode is the season four finale “Toast Can’t Never Be Bread Again”, according to IMDb reviews. The season two finale “We Have Manners. We’re Polite.” and second-to-last episode of season four “The Animals” tie for second.

“People Persons”, also from season four, takes the third spot, while the finale from the first season, “Can’t Fix Crazy”, and the last episode of season three, “Trust No Bitch”, tie for the fourth best rating.

While the new season has been received with mixed reviews, Orange Is the New Black has been renewed for a sixth and seventh season. And with Netflix producing more original series in the last few years, there’s plenty of other shows to binge-watch if season five disappoints.