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See What the Most Misspelled Word Is in Your State

Just in time for the National Spelling Bee, Google has released a graphic of “America’s Most Misspelled Words.”

“Pneumonia” and “beautiful” had the most searches at four each, according to the graphic, which shows the most misspelled words of 2017 based on “how to spell” searches.

West Virginia and Connecticut both searched “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” the most and were the only states whose top searches were words with more than 20 letters.

In Hawaii, “schedule” was the top search, while “diarrhea” was searched the most in New Hampshire.

Arkansas had the most trouble with “Chihuahua,” and “maintenance” topped searches in both Texas and Missouri.

Just seven states mostly looked up short words with five or fewer letters, including Rhode Island, where residents’ most-searched word was “liar.”

“Banana” topped the list in New Mexico, and up north, “sauerkraut” took Pennsylvania.

The most searched spelling in the state of Wisconsin? “Wisconsin.”