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There Are New Oreos That You Can Eat For Breakfast

Oreo is rolling out new flavors faster than you can dunk a cookie into milk lately, and its latest creation will have breakfast food fans running to supermarket aisles—at least in Rhode Island.

According to the Instagram account @_thejunkfoodaisle, which posts new flavors of beloved junk foods, Oreo has come out with a limited edition Waffles & Syrup cookie that is now available at Shaw’s, a grocery chain in Rhode Island.

Those who can’t get to Rhode Island fast enough can take comfort in some of Oreo’s other flavor ventures. The cookie manufacturer announced an additional new flavor this week: the Firework Oreo. Filled with popping candy in the style of Pop Rocks, the Firework Oreo puts a fizzy twist on the classic cookie.

Oreo also put future flavor choices in the hands of fans: Using the hashtags #MyOreoCreation and #Contest, cookie connoisseurs can submit their own combinations through Twitter and Instagram in a contest that runs through July 14. The winner will receive a $500,000 prize.