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The Apple Watch Could Help You Lose 30 Pounds. Just Ask Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview Wednesday that the company’s smartwatch helped him shed some weight.

Cook’s conversation with CNBC’s Jim Cramer started with the tech giant’s billion-dollar initiative to promote advanced manufacturing in the U.S. The tech executive touted Apple’s job creation and spending within the country — over $50 billion spent last year, and 2 million new position created — and promised to hire even more Americans.

But it took a personal turn when Cramer tried to discuss potential new products. Cook brought up the Apple Watch’s renewed focus as a healthcare gadget. (Recent reports have also suggested that Apple may be developing glucose-monitoring devices in the long run.)

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“The watch has been an incredible move into health,” he told Cramer, who then asked: “For you too?”

“Yes, for me too,” Cook answered. “I lost 30 pounds, partly to my watch,” he continued, saying the device’s constant feedback “motivates” users and “makes a difference over time.”