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Why Thieves Who Stole $24,000 of Gear From an Apple Store Might Be Disappointed

Seventeen iPhones, three iPads, and two computers were stolen from an Apple Store in Corte Madera, Calif. on Tuesday—totaling $24,000 worth of products.

Local news station ABC7 reports that five thieves—all of whom are reportedly in their late teens or early 20s—entered the store at 8 p.m. PST and swiped the devices. The alleged burglars were last seen by a security officer as they were running toward the back of a nearby Macy’s store. From there, they might have entered a car.

But while they escaped, it’s not clear if the products they stole will even function. According 9to5Mac, Apple has added a “kill switch” to its store demonstration devices—meaning they are deactivated once they’re removed from the store’s wi-fi network. That’s why the display devices aren’t bolted to tables with steel cables anymore, notes Consumerist. Still, they’re not completely invaluable: Though the devices are reportedly no good for personal use, they can be broken down so some of their parts could be used for other devices, Consumerist reports.

The same store was robbed in 2016 according to ABC7. At that time, the buglers stole about $35,000 to $40,000 worth of Apple products.