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If We Were to Colonize Mars Tomorrow, Would You Go?

If humans were to colonize Mars tomorrow, would you go?

In the latest episode of Fortune’s Tech-Cetera series, we recently asked top business leaders this question. Their responses, understandably, were mixed.

Neha Narkhede of Confluent was unequivocal: “Absolutely not.” Hadi Partovi of, on the the other hand, said he would consider going 10 years after colonizing starts.

Philip Krim of Casper and Rachel Weiss of L’Oréal each said they would need more information before making a decision. Others —such as Dave Elkington of—were more enthusiastic. “Oh, I’m in for sure,” Elkington said. “Are you kidding? I’d go today.”

Patrick Bass of ThyssenKrupp was less committed. He’d like to visit, he admitted, but there’s “no place like home.”

Watch the video above to hear the rest of their responses.