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Here’s How You Can Get Paid $16,000 to Lie in Bed All Day

April 5, 2017, 7:27 PM UTC

Does your dream job entail never leaving your bed? French researchers can make that happen.

A team of scientists in Europe is looking for 10 volunteers to take part in an experiment on weightlessness. Subjects will be paid €16,000 (roughly $16,200) over four years to lie in bed for two months straight.

It’s called the “cocktail study,” and the goal is to learn how to enhance an astronaut’s performance through a dietary supplement. Half the volunteers will be required to ingest a cocktail of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory plant extracts. The other half, also in the bedrest position, will serve as the control and not take the supplement.

As Business Insider reports, the job may be harder that it sounds. Participants will be required to “stay lying down with at least one shoulder still on the bed. They can turn, but never sit up straight.” They have to eat and wash and perform all bodily functions in bed. That means no trips to the bathroom and using bed pans instead. According to BI, “They can’t put a foot on the ground for 60 whole days.”

Does this still sound like your dream job? Feel free to sign up here.

Oh, and ladies need not apply. This particular study is recruiting fit and sporty males aged 20-45, with a BMI of between 22 and 27, who do not smoke and have no allergies, BI reports.