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Amazon Is Set to Refund Millions for Unauthorized In-App Purchases Made by Kids

Operations Inside An Inc. Fulfillment Center On Cyber MondayOperations Inside An Inc. Fulfillment Center On Cyber Monday
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Amazon is slated to refund parents who were billed for unauthorized purchases made by their children inside an app.

Almost a year after the e-commerce giant was found guilty of illegally billing its customers for these unauthorized purchases, Amazon has discarded its appeal against the decision, according to the Verge. This means users who were affected by these purchases should be getting a refund.

The news comes after a judge sided with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on the ruling in April of last year, notes the Verge. At the time, the judge claimed Amazon (AMZN) failed to inform consumers that some free games allowed players to make purchases inside the app. Court documents show that some children would make purchases without understanding that they were using real money.

The FTC estimated that parents were charged upwards of $86 million, and also asked for $26.5 million in damages from Amazon, the Verge reports.