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Google to Employees: Don’t Worry About President Trump’s Immigration Crackdown

Google has told its employees that President Donald Trump‘s crackdown on the H-1B visa program, which allows companies in the U.S. to hire foreign workers, should not impact them.

An email obtained by Recode, that was sent to Google (GOOGL) staff members by a human resources employee, tells workers that they should not “anticipate an impact to Googlers.” The email adds: “Our software engineering roles don’t fall into the job categories included in the USCIS’s [United States Citizenship and Immigration Services] new guidance. We’ll continue to watch the H-1B visa space closely and keep Googlers updated on any changes they need to be aware of.”

Applications for this year’s batch of H-1B visas opened last Monday, with quotas and allocations for the controversial program essentially unchanged by Trump’s administration. 85,000 visas will be awarded from an applicant pool that could exceed last year’s 230,000.

Though an H-1B reform bill made it to the House Judiciary Committee as early as January, it has sat untouched in an immigration subcommittee ever since, Fortune reported earlier this month. A draft executive order seen by CNN in January had no details on H-1B reforms, and has not been signed.