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No, Krispy Kreme Isn’t Changing Its Name to “Krispy Cream” In Britain

krispy kreme free donut glazed coffeekrispy kreme free donut glazed coffee
Krispy Kreme DoughnutsBloomberg via Getty Images

Krispy Kreme had a special April Fool’s Day prank for Britain on Friday.

The brand took to Twitter to say that it was changing its name to “Krispy Cream,” because citizens had trouble pronouncing the name. The tweet included a video of “Chief Doughnut Officer” Michael Davis explaining the change further, adding that there are “some relationships are just too darn good not to heal.”

“Say it loud, say it proud, but most of all say it right: Krispy Cream,” Davis said.

However, despite the video’s compelling case (complete with a new logo), a spokesperson for the doughnut company confirmed that it was only a joke and the company wasn’t really changing its name.