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You Can Now Use Facebook Live From Your Desk

Facebook users have been able to stream live video via their smartphones or other mobile devices for almost a year; Now the social network power is bringing that Facebook Live capability to desktop computers, according to a company post on Wednesday.

The ability to stream video from a stable desktop camera makes it easier for non-techies to create video blogs (aka vlogs), tutorials, and other content, according to the post by Facebook (FB) product manager Erin Connolly and software engineer Jeff Hendy.

Users must first download streaming software—such as OBS, Wirecast, or Xsplit—to enable the live video feed, according to Facebook. But then, they should be good to go after clicking on a “Live Video” button atop their newsfeed or timeline and following some prompts.

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There was also news this week from Facebook Live competitor Twitter, which has announced an easier way for broadcasters using more types of external hardware and software to share video directly to Twitter (TWTR).

For more on Facebook Live, watch:

The new Periscope Producer application programming interface lets users stream video directly to Twitter without having to funnel it first through the Periscope mobile app which, as MarketingLand reported, can degrade video quality.

The use of Facebook Live, Periscope, and other tools that enable easy video streaming, has spread like wildfire. Users have documented everything from the silly (Chewbacca Mom) to the tragic (police shootings.)