Subway is Suing the CBC Over Its Chicken Story

March 17, 2017, 1:48 PM UTC

Subway is suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) following a TV expose which claimed that 50% of the fast food chain’s chicken was made from soybeans.

A CBC Marketplace episode broadcast last month called “The chicken challenge: Testing your fast food” said DNA analysis found that Subway’s oven roasted chicken was just 53.6% chicken on average and the chicken strips were found to be made of just 42.8% chicken on average, the rest being soybeans.

A spokesperson from Subway confirmed to Fortune that the company has issued a Note of Action in Canada against the CBC that asks for $210 million in damages over the Marketplace allegations, which it called “defamatory and absolutely false.”

“Serving high-quality food to our customers is our top priority, and we are committed to seeing that this factually incorrect report is corrected,” Subway’s statement added.

The CBC told Fortune that it has not been served with a Statement of Claim and if that happens, the broadcaster will file a statement of defense. “We believe our journalism to be sound and there is no evidence that we’ve seen that would lead us to change our position,” a CBC statement read.

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