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Subway: Our Chicken Is Real Chicken

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A general view of the exterior of a Subway fast food sandwich shop.Photo by Ben Hider—Getty Images

Subway has fired back at news company Canadian Broadcasting Corp for publishing a DNA analysis that claims that Subway’s chicken meat is only about half chicken.

The sandwich chain commissioned a study of its own challenging the findings of CBC’s Marketplace report. In two independent lab tests, researchers found that the other alleged primary ingredient—soy—made up less than 1% of the sample, according to a statement from Subway.

“The stunningly flawed test by ‘Marketplace’ is a tremendous disservice to our customers,” Suzanne Greco, Subway president and CEO, told the Washington Post in a statement on Wednesday. “The allegation that our chicken is only 50 percent chicken is 100 percent wrong.”

The CBC posted a response defending its DNA analysis on Wednesday.