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Silicon Valley Tech Workers Plan to Protest President Trump on Pi Day

More than 1,200 Silicon Valley workers from tech companies including Facebook, Apple and Google plan to protest President Donald Trump on Pi Day, the celebration of the mathematical constant that occurs every March 14th.

One of the main rallies is being organized by Tech Stands Up, a grassroots movement “giving a voice to the rapidly growing concerns about the current policies affecting the tech community and its users,” according to its Facebook event page. Similar Trump protests are being organized in Los Angeles and Austin, USA Today reports.

“Are you a tech worker or tech user that is upset that our leaders are mysteriously quiet about Donald Trump? On March 14th, Pi day, let’s show our tech leaders that they can not have their cake and eat it too,” the Tech Stand Up Facebook page reads.

“We are calling for all workers of companies that have either supported Trump, sat back and said nothing, or have been too worried about their stock price to say anything to walk out at 12 p.m. on March 14th,” the page added. “We have to force the hand of these extremely powerful individuals to stand up publicly for what is right.”