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Jeff Bezos Has a New ‘Shadow’ Adviser at Amazon

The Newsmakers 2012 Best Photos By BloombergThe Newsmakers 2012 Best Photos By Bloomberg

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a new right hand to assist his daily workflow.

Jeffrey Helbling, previously the vice president of the company’s Kindle department, is the new technical adviser to the CEO, according to his LinkedIn bio. The position is often referred to as Bezos’ “shadow,” a role the CEO’s previous top adviser Maria Renz operated in prior to becoming Amazon’s vice president for delivery experience.

The “shadow” job is a highly coveted role at Amazon as the position requires someone to work beside Bezos’ on a daily basis and requires frequent travel with the CEO, according to Recode. Past occupants of the role went on to run major divisions of the company such as Amazon Web Services and Amazon India, Recode reports.

Helbling has worked at Amazon for five years, having spent the previous 14 years at consulting firm McKinsey & Company.