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31 Best Websites to Score Free Stuff

February 15, 2017, 3:02 PM UTC
Sales sticker on computer keyboard
Sales sticker on computer keyboard
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Want to know how to get free stuff? All you have to do is search some tried-and-true websites to uncover the best deals, freebies and coupons. Knowing where to look can save you big money, so click through to see the 31 best websites where you can get free stuff.

1. is a portal that gives you access to free product offers for things such as household items. You also can find coupons for products and local restaurants. The offers are updated every day.

2. Cardpool

Cardpool is an online marketplace that allows you to purchase gift cards at a discount to use at your favorite stores. Although the discount levels vary, there are some attractive deals. You also can sell your gift cards for cash.

3. Craigslist

Freecycling is based on the idea that many people no longer want or need used items that nonetheless still have a remaining useful life. Rather than throwing these items away, the owners offer them to the general public for free.

Although Craigslist has a mixed reputation — users need to use caution and common sense when interacting with total strangers — it is also a great source for finding free stuff, including items offered through freecycling.


Another great source of free coupons, can help you save money on beauty products, groceries, weight loss products and even sanding sheets for your DIY projects.

5. All You

Lifestyle website All You lists 59 birthday freebies. The site also provides coupons for groceries and household items, as well as offering other exclusive deals.


Couponing has grown from a trend into a lifestyle for many people. The number of websites dedicated to providing access to coupons has exploded in recent years. As a leader in the industry showcasing more than 2,000 brands, offers multiple ways to get coupons online for everything from laundry detergent to jewelry. You can use the site to print coupons, find coupon codes and discover discounts to specific retailers that you add to a credit or debit card.

7. The Krazy Coupon Lady

Extreme couponing website The Krazy Coupon Lady is a great source of coupons for some of your favorite retailers. You’ll find coupons for discount stores such as Walmart and Dollar Tree, as well as high-end brands such as Sephora.

8. gives you access to free samples of common household items ranging from coffee to moisturizer. You can use this site to save money on many items you already use, or to try out new brands for free.

9. Yerdle

Yerdle describes itself as a “people-powered store.” The more stuff you give away at this site, the more credits you earn to “buy” other things you want on Yerdle. This site can be a good option for items that are too valuable to simply give away or throw away.

10. The Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is made up of more than 9 million members worldwide. It is dedicated to helping members get and give stuff for free. The goal is to put goods to their most efficient use and keep usable items out of landfills. The nonprofit describes itself as a “grassroots movement,” and local volunteer moderators help keep exchanges safe and posts accurate. Membership is free.


Offering people the chance to try before they buy, offers free samples, coupons and giveaways of products geared toward women. You’ll find everything from candles and shoes to vacations at this site. is a good place to look for fun stuff you need, or even a cheap gift for a family member or friend.

12. is an online resource that provides information about medicines. It also offers a drug discount program with a free membership card that can save you as much as 80 percent at major pharmacies, according to the website.

13. The ReUseIt Network

The ReUseIt Network is a portal that gives you access and information on freecycling groups worldwide. The site focuses on directing you to freecycling groups and resources in your local area.

14. Free Stuff Finder

Free Stuff Finder shares deals, giveaways and discounts offered online and at popular retailers. The site highlights your savings by showing you both the original price of an item and the price after coupons and discount.

15. offers an e-newsletter that includes regular access to great deals online, coupons and free samples. The website also lists giveaways and sweepstakes you can sign up for online, plus free magazines, baby items, books and mor.

16. The Penny Hoarder

In addition to listing 100 places that have free birthday offers, The Penny Hoarder offers advice on saving and earning money in unconventional ways.

17. Hey, It’s Free!

Another site with a long list of birthday freebies, Hey, It’s Free! also is a good source for free offers throughout the year. Find coupons for a range of items, such as free food, moisturizer, comic books and codes for free rewards points.

18. Freaky Freddie’s

In addition to deals on products for grown-ups, Freaky Freddie’s has a long list of free stuff for kids. Check out offers for books, T-shirts, coloring books and activities such as roller-skating.

19. Totally Free Stuff

Totally Free Stuff offers dozens of categories of free stuff, as well as daily updates. Search for items in categories for each type of person or interest — such as men, women, business, religious and wedding — or by product type, such as kitchen, pet products, toys, sports and automotive.

20. is another site with a diverse collection of free stuff for kids, from books to deals on fun activities like bowling. The site has dozens of other categories of free things for people of all ages.

21. provides lists of free samples, coupons and coupon codes. You can search the site or look for items sorted by category or brand name.

22. Raise

Raise is an online marketplace that allows you to buy gift cards at a discount for products and services from more than 1,000 stores and restaurants including GameStop, Sephora and Outback Steakhouse. The site also gives you the option of selling unwanted or unused gift cards for cash.

23. Recycle the World

Recycle the World is another freecycling website that allows you to post and find free stuff. Whether you are looking to get rid of unwanted items or hope to find something specific, the site lets you focus on your local area. It also provides a search tool to help you find recycling centers near you.

24. Freebie-Depot

Freebie-Depot has “hot lists” for everything from everyday offers to birthday giveaways. The site features a range of products and services from various brands and retailers. Among its many categories, the site features a wedding freebies section that highlights deals for people who are getting married or who were recently married.

25. Lifehacker

Lifehacker is known for unconventional solutions to everyday problems. But the website also publishes articles on how and where to save money, such as a feature on the best retail and restaurant birthday freebies.


In addition to providing access to a variety of offers, offers tips and tricks on how to save money, as well as “The Complete Guide to Freebie Hunting.”

27. I Crave Freebies

Similar to other online sources of free samples, I Crave Freebies offers links to coupons and free product samples. It also provides links to sites that pay you to take surveys.

28. Get It Free

Updated daily, Get It Free finds free offers for everything from food to household products. As you browse the site, you can add coupons, deals, freebies and sweepstakes offers to your basket, just like you would when shopping online.

29. continues to provide a blend of both products and services from major national retailers that are offered at no charge. The site gives away a free pair of shoes every week, for example.

30. catalogs offers for everything from free home care product samples and bargains to free cookbooks. It updates its list of printable coupons and other offers daily.

Hundreds of sites offer consumers great ways to save. This list narrows down the options so you can find providers of freebies and deals that suit your needs.

31. Slickdeals is the largest deal-sharing community on the web and has saved its members more than $4 billion. Members can share deals and coupons found online and the Slickdeals staff curates the best offers on the homepage.

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