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How to Stop Facebook From Auto-Playing Videos With Sound

Facebook's Influence In Consumer Consumption Of News GrowingFacebook's Influence In Consumer Consumption Of News Growing

Facebook videos will soon start automatically playing with sound as you scroll through your News Feed, the company announced Tuesday.

Mercifully, the videos won’t play with sound if you have your phone set to silent. But if you’d like to stop them from automatically playing sound altogether, Facebook (FB) is offering an option to do that as well.

First, click the three-line icon in the bottom-right hand corner of the Facebook app.

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Then, tap “Settings.” Next, hit “Account Settings.” Then tap “Sounds.”

There, you should see an option to turn off “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound.”

Note that the change is rolling out gradually, so you might not see the appropriate setting just yet. But when you start getting videos with auto-playing sound in your feed, you should get the setting to mute them as well.

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