Here Are All the 2017 Super Bowl Commercials So Far

January 24, 2017, 1:03 PM UTC

Very soon the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will go to battle on Super Bowl Sunday, but the big game’s advertisers are already vying for the win.

With Fox selling ad space at more than $5 million for each 30-second spot, companies seeking brand visibility on the world’s largest stage are risking an expensive disappointment if their commercials fall flat. But with last year’s Super Bowl drawing nearly 112 million viewers, a massive audience is guaranteed.

In the past few years, advertisers have started releasing versions of their TV ads in the weeks ahead of the Super Bowl to build up hype before the big game. Here’s our list of all the Super Bowl LI commercials out so far, which we will continue to update as they become available.

Bud Light

The AB InBev brand continues its ongoing “Famous Among Friends” marketing campaign with the debut of this new Super Bowl spot, which features the return of Bud Light’s 1980s spokes-dog Spuds MacKenzie. The talking dog returns (as a ghost) to extol the benefits of drinking beers with friends. Anheuser-Busch previously retired Spuds as the brand’s mascot in 1989 after critics complained that the dog could appeal to underage consumers.


General Motors-owned Buick has a new Super Bowl ad that is part of the brand’s “That’s a Buick?” marketing campaign. This year’s commercial imagines a children’s football game featuring NFL quarterback Cam Newton as a player and supermodel Miranda Kerr as a coach.


Another car commercial. This one, called “Daughter,” is from Volkswagen-owned Audi and it includes a relatively political message regarding the gender wage gap.


In this Super Bowl commercial from Sprint, the telecom continues its assault on the largest U.S. wireless carrier, Verizon. In the ad, a father goes to extremes to get out of his Verizon wireless contract.


The Japanese video game company has revealed its first-ever Super Bowl commercial. Nintendo uses the ad to show off its new Switch video game console and a new version of the classic game The Legend of Zelda.

King’s Hawaiian

Another brand debuting its first Super Bowl commercial ever is King’s Hawaiian bread, which has an ad about a father trying to hide the brand’s rolls from his family.


The wireless carrier trots out a celebrity endorsement from Justin Bieber, who stars in this T-Mobile Super Bowl ad as a “celebration expert” who narrates a history of celebratory dances that includes appearances by current and former NFL stars Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens.


Honda uses its Super Bowl LI commercial to celebrate 20 years of the brand’s CR-V SUV. The spot, dubbed “Yearbooks,” features a long list of celebrities, including Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Viola Davis, Missy Elliott, Tina Fey, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Stan Lee and Robert Redford.

Ghost in the Shell

Paramount Pictures’ upcoming movie starring actress Scarlett Johansson in an adaptation of the popular manga comic book of the same name released a new trailer that will air during the big game on Sunday.


Wendy’s debuted its first-ever Super Bowl ad and is using the expensive slot to take a shot at its competitors. The new ad from the fast-food chain, which prides itself on never using frozen beef in its burgers, depicts an employee at a fictional rival using a hairdryer to thaw out frozen beef patties while Foreigner’s 1977 rock anthem “Cold as Ice” plays in the background.

Fiji Water

Another Super Bowl first-timer, Fiji Water makes its debut at the big game this year with an ad pitching the water as “Nature’s Gift” while showing images of the Fiji islands juxtaposed with urban cityscapes.

Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios is back in the Super Bowl for the third time, and the company is bringing back its spokes-elephant, Ernie, who is voiced by WWE wrestler John Cena.


Anheuser-Busch debuted a 15-second teaser for its new minute-long Budweiser ad that will air during Super Bowl LI. This year’s spot, titled “Born the Hard Way,” will tell the immigrant story of company co-founder Adolphus Busch, who left Germany for St. Louis 160 years ago. A Budweiser executive said recently that the ad is “super relevant today,” but he cautioned against interpreting the commercial as a form of political commentary despite the ongoing debate over U.S. immigration policies.


Yet another Procter & Gamble brand is offering up a look at its ad campaign for the big game (following previously released ads from Mr. Clean and Febreze). The company’s Tide detergent brand has a commercial starring New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (who will not play in the Super Bowl due to an injury) and actor Jeffrey Tambor (Transparent, Arrested Development) in a humorous scene that takes place at a dry cleaning storefront.


The U.S. automaker has a new 90-second ad that will air before the start of Super Bowl LI this weekend. Ford’s commercial, which is part of its ongoing “Go Further” marketing campaign, features a montage of clips of people getting stuck in various scenarios, from a stalled ski lift to a major traffic jam.


After using actor Christopher Walken in a Super Bowl ad last year, the South Korean automaker is going the celebrity route yet again. Kia has enlisted actress Melissa McCarthy to appear in ads for the company’s new Niro hybrid crossover. In one ad, McCarthy can be seen floating on an ice floe and in another she can be seen running scared on a safari.


Mercedes-Benz is using its Super Bowl commercial slot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the company’s high-performance division, AMG, with an ad highlighting the Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. The Academy Award-winning Coen brothers directed the 60-second spot, which stars actor Peter Fonda in a nod to his iconic role as a biker rebel in the film Easy Rider.

Yellow Tail Wine

For the first time in almost four decades, a wine brand will advertise during the Super Bowl—but, there’s a catch. Anheuser-Busch holds exclusive advertising rights in the alcohol category during the big game each year—hence the high number of Budweiser and Bud Light ads. So Australia’s Yellow Tail Wine decided to take a road less traveled by buying up 70 local ad spots on regional markets around the U.S., which the company says will allow roughly 85% of the country to see its commercial. The ad itself features an animatronic kangaroo named Roopert and a yellow-suited pitchman who makes the case for drinking wine at all types of parties.


The vitamin and supplement retailer will make its first Super Bowl appearance ever this year, with a 30-second ad in the first quarter of the game. GNC has released a few teaser videos for the ad, which will kick off the company’s new “One New GNC” marketing campaign. GNC is hoping the new campaign and a strong showing during the Super Bowl can help get 2017 off to a positive start after a tough 2016 when GNC shares lost more than 60% of their value amid steep competition from rivals such as Walmart and a variety of online retailers. (UPDATE: GNC’s ad has reportedly been rejected by the NFL. The company’s stores sell certain products that are banned by the league.)


Kraft Heinz is sitting out the Super Bowl this year, but the company still has a new campaign for its famous ketchup brand that is very much Super Bowl-related. The point of the ad is to make the argument that some of the big game’s festivities should carry over into the day after the Super Bowl. The campaign even has a real petition aimed at making the day after the big game into a holiday known as “Smunday.” Kraft Heinz is even reportedly giving thousands of employees a day off on Monday, Feb. 6 as part of the stunt.


Procter & Gamble has followed up its winking Mr. Clean campaign with another humorous ad around the company’s Febreze air-freshener brand. This commercial serves as an ode to halftime bathroom breaks during the Super Bowl, which sometimes require some odor elimination.


Mars-owned Snickers revealed the first teasers for its Super Bowl LI commercial on Jan 25. The ad will be a 30-second spot that will actually be performed live during the telecast and will star Girls and Star Wars actor Adam Driver. In the teasers, Snickers offers up more information on what to expect from the candy bar ad, including that it will be the first live Super Bowl commercial and that it will have a western theme. Some of the teaser ads also show casting calls for horses and an actor playing a “dead cowboy.”


Another Mars brand, Skittles, has already released its Super Bowl commercial. The brand’s campaigns in recent years have skewed more toward the surreal, and this year’s ad is no different.


Website developer Squarespace is back at the Super Bowl for the fourth year, and this time the company has actor John Malkovich being himself. In the ad, Malkovich goes from placid to furious after discovering that another person with the same name has already claimed


Another website developer, and one with a long history of Super Bowl ads, GoDaddy is back again this year with a 30-second ad that will air in the first half of the big game. GoDaddy hasn’t released the full ad yet, but it did put out a handful of short teaser videos. See them all here.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The bar and restaurant chain famous for its chicken wings will air its first pre-game Super Bowl ad this year. Buffalo Wild Wings has started teasing the 30-second spot with a series of videos featuring Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Brett Favre investigating what appears to be some sort of government conspiracy related to his all-time NFL record for interceptions.

Bud Light

Anheuser-Busch InBev is the world’s largest brewer and a staple of Super Bowl commercials, holding exclusive rights for beer advertising during the game. Bud Light has not yet released its official Super Bowl LI ad, but the company did use the AFC and NFC Championship games on Jan. 22 as a platform to unveil the first ad in Bud Light’s new “Famous Among Friends” ad campaign that will also be the focus of the ad that will eventually air during the Super Bowl.


Toyota debuted the first look at a new commercial advertising the Japanese automaker’s luxury line of new LC 500 coupes and the LS 500 sedan. Lexus reportedly wants to improve its “cool factor” with the new ad, which features street dancer Charles “Lil Buck” Riley, whose moves bring together hip-hop, ballet, and jazz.


Talk about smart casting. The tech giant debuted its new ad featuring New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady more than a week before it was clear that he and the Pats would even make it to the Super Bowl. The ad demonstrates the new Intel 360 virtual reality technology, using the 360-degree views to depict the quarterback’s morning routine.


The website builder has a Super Bowl commercial for its third year in a row. This time, launched its Super Bowl marketing campaign on Facebook Live, debuting a video featuring action movie stars Jason Statham and Gal Gadot fighting in (and destroying) a restaurant while a distracted chef in the kitchen reads about a new Wix contest offering users a chance to win up to $50,000.

Avocados from Mexico

Avocados from Mexico, an organization founded to promote avocados in the U.S., is advertising during the Super Bowl for the third year in a row after making a splash in past years with humorous spots featuring aliens and football legends. The teaser for this year’s ad features a hypnotic pitch from comedian Jon Lovitz.


TurboTax returns with its second-straight Super Bowl campaign. After featuring actor Anthony Hopkins last year, the tax prep software company is back with a teaser for a three-part series of ads showing Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall while doing his taxes.

Mr. Clean

Consumer goods conglomerate Procter & Gamble has several commercial spots planned for its myriad brands during this year’s big game. The first ad is for Mr. Clean, and it features that brand’s iconic mascot flirting with a woman along with the tagline: “This Super Bowl, Mr. Clean gets dirty.”

More to come!

CLARIFICATION: This article has been updated to make it clear that Bud Light’s official Super Bowl ad has not yet debuted, and that the commercial that aired on Jan. 22 during the AFC and NFC Championship games is the first in a series of ads that will appear as part of the brand’s new “Famous Among Friends” campaign.