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Introducing Trumponomics Daily: Fortune’s guide to Donald Trump’s Washington

January 6, 2017, 7:04 PM UTC
Photograph by Nicholas Kamm—AFP/Getty Images

I’d like to invite you to be among the first to receive a new Fortune newsletter: Trumponomics Daily, a digest of economic news and analysis from Trump’s Washington—and its impact on business.

Why are we launching this newsletter now?

Donald Trump is already shattering the mold for presidential power, with profound implications for business. The president-elect has made clear he intends to operate as the negotiator-in-chief, pursuing a hands-on industrial policy that includes naming and shaming companies he views as underinvesting in American workers and plants. As he’s demonstrated, with a single critical tweet, he can wipe out billions of dollars in market value.

Yet there are more questions than answers so far about what Trump intends to do with the office he’s about to assume. Trump won on a populist economic platform that scrambled the Republican party’s traditional approach to markets. And he’s since populated his team in part with ultra-rich businesspeople who’ve got limited experience in government. How far he intends to go pushing the “America First” program he described in the campaign, and how it will translate into nuts-and-bolts policy changes, remains anybody’s guess.

Amid the uncertainty, this much is clear: Major, economy-bending changes are coming. Republicans now control both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue for the first time in a decade. They plan to rocket out of the gates with a sweeping overhaul of the healthcare system, a rewrite of the tax code, deregulation of the finance and energy industries and beyond, and, potentially, some new infrastructure spending to boot.

Every morning, Trumponomics Daily will seek to make sense of the transformed power dynamic in Washington and what it means for big business at every step of the way. In it you’ll find

Perspective beyond the daily headlines, to help you sort through the noise and identify what the latest developments in Washington will mean for businesses from Silicon Valley to the heartland;

Insights directly from the policymakers driving the agenda in the administration and on Capitol Hill;

And a one-stop tipsheet linking you to all the biggest news and smartest takes to keep you informed on the market-moving changes coming out of government.

Did I mention it’s free?

Sign up here: I hope you’ll join me in the front row for what promises to be a historically consequential period. And if you’ve got ideas or feedback, I’m all ears.