Why Tim Ferriss Believes Meditation Is the Key to Success

December 19, 2016, 4:28 PM UTC

What connects world-class performers across industries?

According to Tim Ferriss, many regularly take the time to focus on the present moment. When Ferriss sat down with more than 200 executives, leaders, and other people at the heights of their fields for his new book, Tools of Titans, he found that 80% had “some form of guided mindfulness practice.”

If straight-up, silent meditation makes you nervous, don’t be. Mindfulness techniques varied drastically, from traditional, in-person meditation sessions, to mindfulness apps, to listening to the same music track every day on repeat.

Applied more generally, these folks are mindful about how they spend their time. “Everyone else has an agenda for your time,” Ferriss says. “So if you’re in a reactive mode, if you’re playing defense instead of offense, you’re going to get at best, average results.”

To hear more of Ferriss’ insights on what connects high achievers, watch the above video.