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There’s Now a Hipster Nativity Set With Selfie-Taking Mary and Joseph

Entrepreneurial brothers have created a unique hipster nativity set, featuring the three wise men carrying Amazon Prime packages on segways, Mary and Joseph (with a man-bun) posing for a selfie with Baby Jesus and a “100% organic” cow enjoying a trough of gluten-free grass.

Corey Wright and his brother Casey, who run an online novelty products business called Gorilla Goodies, have nearly sold out of their 5,000-unit supply, CNN reports. It took six months and $150,000 to turn their concept into a product—but the pair have already made a profit. The Millennial Nativity set retails for just under $130, with free delivery.


“If you’ve ever wondered what the very first family Christmas photo looked like, wonder no longer,” the product description reads. “Fresh off a Whole Foods shopping spree, Joseph is rocking his man bun and finest denim shirt, while Mary shows off her high cheek bones with her best duck face.”

The hipster-themed creation has received a small online backlash, with one Facebook user commenting: “Disgusting… [this] certainly isn’t very Christian” on the Modern Nativity page. “Some things should NOT change!! I do not like this display,” added another.