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Mark Cuban Says He’ll Stop Bashing Donald Trump: ‘He’s America’s No. 1 Draft Pick’

Squawk Box - Season 20Squawk Box - Season 20
Mark Cuban. CNBC NBCU Photo Bank — Getty Images

Mark Cuban is a staunch Donald Trump opponent, who has repeatedly criticized the president-elect throughout his campaign. But now, the Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner is reserving all judgment until Trump takes the Oval Office in January.

“He’s America’s No.1 draft pick,” Cuban first told CNBC.

He continued: “He’s who we put our hopes and dream with. Now it is easier because we haven’t played a game yet,” Cuban said. “No reason to rush to judgment or come to any conclusions now. Let’s see what happens starting January 21 and we’ll go from there. I hope he’s a superstar.”

His remark is drastically different than what he’s said about Trump in the past: From calling him a “jagoff,” to saying he’s unfit to be president, to claiming a Trump-presidency would crash the stock markets—Cuban, a Hillary Clinton supporter, has said next to nothing positive about the President-elect.

During the interview, Cuban was also asked his opinion about Trump’s recent tweet regarding the airplane manufacturer, Boeing. But instead of addressing the tweet, Cuban said it’s really the media’s choice about how to react to the president-elect’s choice of words on social media.

“The reality that—whether it is me tweeting or anybody is tweeting, it is a way to reach other celebs, other verified users, and reach the media,” he said. “So, the question isn’t what the president-elect tweets or anybody tweets that’s high profile. It’s how the media handles that. We’ve kind of fallen into the literals and the serious nerves. And the literals will, you know, read about the tweets and the Times and elsewhere. And the serious-ers will read it in Breitbart and other places.”