These Tech Jobs Are Set To Get a Major Pay Bump

December 3, 2016, 1:00 AM UTC
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Curious where the greatest demand lies in the tech job market?

Follow the salaries.

The latest release of recruiter Robert Half Technology’s annual salary guides rounds up the tech jobs set to get the biggest pay bumps next year, and the results point—almost uniformly—to positions specializing in data.

Big data engineers top the list with an estimated 5.8% predicted for 2017, for a salary range from $135,000 to $196,000. Those are big numbers, but they’re not surprising ones: Employers are so desperate for qualified data workers that some have created whole programs dedicated to creating qualified applicants. Microsoft (MSFT), for instance, recently launched its own online certification course for job seekers pursuing careers in data science.

The jobs with the next-highest salary ranges were also in data fields: Data architects and data warehouse managers were both predicted to get 4.1% raises next year, with the former netting up to $184,000. Database managers followed, with projected earnings of up to $177,000, while business intelligence analysts rounded out the top five.

All told, all but one of the top 10 jobs works closely with data, with data scientists getting the highest overall pay bump: 6.4%, for a projected salary range of $116,000 – $163,500. Take a look at the full results—and don’t forget to click through to apply.

1. Big data engineer

2017 salary range: $135,000 – $196,000
Raise: 5.8%

2. Data architect

2017 salary range: $131,250 – $184,000
Raise: 4.1%

3. Data warehouse manager

2017 salary range: $129,000 – $179,000
Raise: 4.1%

4. Database manager

2017 salary range: $122,250 – $177,000
Raise: 3.7%

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5. Business intelligence analyst

2017 salary range: $118,000 – $171,750
Raise: 4.3%

6. Data scientist

2017 salary range: $116,000 – $163,500
Raise: 6.4%

7. Data modeler

2017 salary range: $111,000 – $161,500
Raise: 3.9%

8. Database developer

2017 salary range: $108,000 – $161,500
Raise: 5.1%

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9. Data warehouse analyst

2017 salary range: $107,500 – $155,750
Raise: 2.4%

10. Database administrator

2017 salary range: $98,500 – $148,500
Raise: 3.6%