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This Coke Bottle Takes Selfies While You Drink

Logo of Coca-Cola on a bottle. The strong dollar hit Coca-Logo of Coca-Cola on a bottle. The strong dollar hit Coca-
Coca-Cola faces a brand challenge--as do other big consumer companiesPhoto by Zhang Peng—LightRocket via Getty Images

Coca-Cola (KO) is feeding our selfie addiction with its new “selfie bottle.”

The bottle’s base is fitted with a camera so that when you tilt it at 70-degrees, it automatically snaps a photo of you taking a swig. More importantly, you can immediately share said photos to Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. According to Business Insider, Israel-based innovation agency Gefen Team designed the bottle for the Coca-Cola Summer Love campaign, the biggest outdoor brand event in Israel.

“Users tag themselves and their friends in photos on Coca-Cola’s social media assets,” Gefen Team told Business Insider in a statement. “It really does the trick and makes the partygoers more present and active during the event, knowing they can share their special moments just by drinking.”

According to InfoScout, a website that analyzes consumer receipt data, most Coca-Cola customers are aged 45 or older. So this push into social media could be the brand’s attempt to win over millennials. However, it’s uncertain whether or not the selfie bottle will stick around after the Summer Love campaign event.


Coca-Cola could not immediately be reached for comment.