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Facebook Live Is About to Get a Bunch of Funky Filters From Russian App Prisma

November 8, 2016

Views of The Facebook Inc. Logo Ahead of EarningsViews of The Facebook Inc. Logo Ahead of Earnings
Facebook is testing out a new feature.Daniel Acker—Bloomberg via Getty Images

Want to shoot and share videos in the style of Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Monoke, or Edvard Munch’s The Scream? Soon you’ll be able to.

An update to Russian imaging app Prisma will allow users to apply eight of the app’s signature filters to videos broadcast via Facebook (FB) Live, The Verge reports.

One of the hottest photo apps of 2016, Prisma lets users apply rich, fine art style filters to pictures before sharing them across social media platforms. The company’s use of neural network computation allowed its filters, which CEO Alexey Moiseenkov described as a”bridge between your imagination and your digital creation,” a high degree of sophistication.

Prisma’s migration to video comes as Facebook launches its own photo filters, which will work with still images, videos, and live broadcasts. At a recent tech conference in Laguna Beach, Calif. Facebook’s head of product Chris Cox said that this type of photo and video technology is an area Facebook is “really invested in,” Fortune’s Kia Kokalitcheva reports.

And on Friday, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer showed off software that takes a live Facebook video feed from a cell phone and converts the image in real time into a selection of artistic styles.

Because applying Prisma’s filters to video requires considerable processing oomph, the feature is currently only available on the iPhone 6S and 7. Other Prisma developments in the works, the Verge says, include support for GIFs, the ability to tweak aspect ratio, and the option of offline video processing on Android.

For more on the technology behind your favorite apps, watch Fortune’s video:

Earlier this year, there was some speculation that Primsa would be acquired after Moiseenkov visited Facebook’s California headquarters.