How to Use Power Tools to Enhance the iPhone 7’s Design

October 4, 2016, 4:03 PM UTC

One YouTube user thinks the iPhone 7 needs a design overhaul. So, the user took power tools to the smartphone to create that overhaul.

YouTube user PeripateticPandas recently published a video called “The iPhone 7 I’ve been waiting for.” The video starts out simply enough, showing the user checking out Apple (AAPL) iPhones of generations past. But then the video’s caption reads that the iPhone 7’s design was a disappointment, requiring PeripateticPandas to take out the saw.

The two-minute video depicts the user removing all of the iPhone 7’s internal components, clamping the handset on a workbench, and taking a saw and sandpaper to its casing. The result is redesigned iPhone 7 featuring sheered sides and a look that can’t be replicated so easily.

Of course, taking power tools to the iPhone 7 is a bad idea. Last month, a video was published on YouTube showing another user employing a 3.5mm drill bit to the smartphone. The person’s goal? To add a headphone jack to the bottom of the handset.

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The video was a joke, but that didn’t stop iPhone 7 owners hoping to get back to the headphone jack days from trying out the drilling feat. Soon after, those users discovered that drilling a hole into the bottom of the iPhone 7 is a really bad idea that renders the smartphone useless.

The modifications made by PeripateticPandas are similarly dangerous because they rely upon a power saw to shave off parts of the smartphone’s edges. In fact, PeripateticPandas carefully removed the components for fear of damaging them, and ever so lightly moved the iPhone 7 into place around the saw. One false movement and the iPhone 7 could’ve been irreparably harmed.

What’s more, actually disassembling the iPhone 7 is no easy task, and putting it back together is a similarly dangerous exploit that could render the device useless.

For more about Apple’s iPhone, watch:

This might be obvious, but taking power tools to the iPhone 7 is extremely dangerous. But those who want to try it out and see what they can do to “improve” the iPhone 7’s design can try it out.

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