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Why You Probably Haven’t Heard of BlackBerry’s New Device Yet

BlackBerry Ltd. Unveils The Square-Screened Passport SmartphoneBlackBerry Ltd. Unveils The Square-Screened Passport Smartphone
John Chen, chief executive officer of BlackBerry.Photograph by Hannah Yoon — Bloomberg/Getty Images

BlackBerry has just come out with a new device that most consumers probably haven’t heard of.

That’s because the once-ubiquitous cell phone maker is now looking to shipping firms, not mass consumers, with the BlackBerry Radar. The company’s latest product is a software-based asset-tracking system that allows customers to monitor where their fleets are as they travel, and can even check on the temperature and whether the doors of individual trailers are open, according to reports.

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BlackBerry (BBRY) announced its first big order on Thursday with Canadian cross-border transportation firm Caravan Transport Group, which has deployed 500 units of the Radar on its trailers, according to Bloomberg. The device is said to be a self-powered, two-piece box that’s appended to the rear side of a container and is able to dispatch updates to the network every 15 minutes.

BlackBerry did not disclose how much the sale was for.

For more on BlackBerry, watch Fortune’s video:

But Derek Kuhn, the company’s senior vice president of Internet of Things (IoT), told reporters it represented a “really valuable” deal and that the Radar marked “an exciting milestone” for BlackBerry, according to the Financial Post.