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Here’s the Best Evidence Yet That a New Apple Watch Is Launching Soon

All of the focus on Apple’s Wednesday event has centered on the iPhone, but there appears to be mounting evidence it won’t be the only announcement.

Apple could unveil a new Apple Watch at the company’s event this week. While Apple itself hasn’t revealed its plans, a quick glance at Apple’s online store suggests nearly all of the Apple Watch models it sells are currently sold out. It’s possible Apple is depleting its existing Apple Watch stock to make room for an update, which could be known as Apple Watch 2.

Reports have been mixed over what Apple (AAPL) might announce at its September 7 event. The tech giant is almost undoubtedly announcing a new iPhone, believed to be known as the iPhone 7. But some reports have suggested it might also unveil a new Apple Watch and iPad. Others have said Apple might save its Apple Watch announcement for later in the year.

Considering Apple Watch stock is depleted with no mention of when it might again be available, however, it seems increasingly likely that Apple is preparing a smartwatch it’ll unveil at the event. With its first-generation Apple Watch stock is so low, it’s even more likely that the second-generation Apple Watch could arrive at Apple’s online and retail stores as early as Wednesday. In the past, Apple has dwindled stock in anticipation of a new-generation launch.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Although Apple itself has remained silent on its future plans, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from churning out reports about the next Apple Watch. Over the last several weeks, rumors have surfaced saying that Apple is working on a new Apple Watch a bit slimmer than its predecessor with improved components so apps run more smoothly.

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Debate also rages over whether Apple will offer a cellular connection through LTE in the next Apple Watch, which would allow the Apple Watch to work on its own without the iPhone’s assistance sometime next year. This year, those reports say Apple will only offer a minor upgrade.

Offering a minor upgrade appears to be the common theme leading up to this year’s event. The next iPhone is expected to come with a only minor upgrade to its internal components and design. The major upgrade, most analysts and researchers predict, will come next year.

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But if anything is certain, it’s that now is a bad time to buy Apple Watch—even if there are just a few models left. By tomorrow, the first-generation Apple Watch could be a thing of the past.