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Martha Stewart: This Is Best Advice I Ever Got

Martha Stewart wants you to know that she was her dad’s favorite child.

But don’t feel too bad for her five siblings, says Stewart, “My mom loved all of us equally.”

Speaking at the Fortune Most Powerful Women “Evening With…” dinner in New York City on Monday evening, Stewart shared a favorite piece of wisdom from her father, who gave advice “freely and on a daily basis.” She could do anything she wants with her life, he said, but there were conditions: “You had to work hard, be proud, get a good education, work for it—and that’s what we did, all of us.”

“We’ve all been successful and we’ve all been hap—pretty happy,” said Stewart, a model-turned-stockbroker and went on to found a lifestyle empire. “But we constantly remember his good words.”

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When it comes to instilling confidence and drive, reinforcement is key, she said, noting that she recently became a grandmother.

“Even if your daughter or your granddaughter maybe isn’t so pretty, or isn’t so smart, tell her she is,” said Stewart. “You keep reinforcing that and you know what? She’ll grow up to beautiful and brilliant and do just what she wants to do.”

Stewart has been a regular attended of Fortune‘s New York dinner, which serves as the capstone event for the annual Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership, a three-week program that pairs women from emerging markets with senior female executives from companies such as The Dow Chemical Company, Accenture, and Johnson & Johnson.