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American Millionaires Favor Clinton Over Trump

Who will be better for corporations?Who will be better for corporations?

Donald Trump may be the wealthiest major-party nominee in history, but the rest of his class isn’t on board the Trump train just yet.

According to a poll released by CNBC Wednesday, “American millionaires favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 13-point margin, but their support for Trump is growing.”

The poll, which surveyed 50 people with $1 million or more in investable assets found that these folks prefer Clinton over Trump by a 44% to 31% margin, with 15% undecided, 3% supporting a third-party candidate, and 8% saying they won’t vote.

The results are surprising, given Clinton’s pledge to raise taxes on income over $5 million, and to raise taxes on capital gains, which is primarily paid by wealthy investors. In addition, millionaires skew Republican, meaning that the CNBC poll includes more Republicans than traditional election polls.

That said, Trump is making progress. “Millionaire support for Trump — typically viewed as the favorite of blue-collar workers — is growing, with his share of millionaire voters more than tripling over the past six months,” according to the report.