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Trump and Clinton Neck and Neck in Three Critical Election States

A Quinnipiac University poll released on Tuesday shows a very close race between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in several crucial states in this fall’s presidential election.

In Florida, Clinton leads Trump 43% to 42%. In Ohio, Trump has a 43-39 advantage. In Pennsylvania, Clinton has a meager 43-42 advantage.

All three states are critical to both candidates’ quest to take the White House. In a hypothetical race between Trump and Bernie Sanders, Quinnipiac found that Sanders leads in all three races. Sanders is still actively campaigning for the Democratic nomination, but it seems unlikely he’ll be able to secure enough delegates to beat Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in July.

Though many have recently predicted a Clinton rout in the general election, Quinnipiac’s polls should give commentators reason to pause. After all, the initial consensus was that there was no way Trump could win the nomination, and he proved them wrong.

In general, Trump has received support from voters who think he’ll do a better job handling the economy than Clinton. And Clinton polls well among minority voters and women.