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This School Is Teaching a Class on Donald Trump

Donald Trump, The Sunday Telegraph, July 27, 2008Donald Trump, The Sunday Telegraph, July 27, 2008
Donald Trump is photographed in his office.Above photo by Gillian Laub—Contour by Getty Images

A lot of us are still confused about how Donald Trump made his way from being a real estate mogul and reality television star to clinching the Republican nomination. That’s likely why one professor has decided to teach a class that focuses solely on him.

“The Trump Factor in American Politics” will be offered this summer at Savannah State University in Georgia, and will be taught by Dr. Robert Smith, the Associated Press reports. Whether the political science professor was teaching his students about the electoral college or minority rights, Trump seemed to dominate the class discussion, so it only made sense to create a separate syllabus.

The course is meant to provide students with an objective view on the anti-establishment candidate. Students will learn about and discuss his background, “The Art of the Deal,” his controversial proposals, and how he surpassed traditional politicians and rose to the Republican nomination.

“Certainly my students were not fans of Trump’s,” Smith told the AP. This isn’t surprising considering Savannah State is a historically black campus, and Trump has butted heads with Black Lives Matter activists numerous times throughout his campaign and has received support from white supremacists. However, Smith expects his students to find “elements about Donald Trump that will be surprising.”