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The RNC Meet at ‘Elegant Resort’ Before the National Convention

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RNC Chair Reince PriebusPhotograph by Alex Wong — Getty Images

The Republican National Committee is meeting this week for the last time before the party gathers in July to nominate their presidential candidate. This is the final chance for the whole RNC to talk, as a group, about Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and how the party can move on from the fractious primary season.

The 168 members of the committee are meeting at the Diplomat Resort and Spa in Florida, which is advertised as “an elegant retreat from the realities of day to day existence,” reports CNN.

Cruz and John Kasich, both of whom currently trail Trump in the delegate count, showed up to personally woo the committee members, who are also delegates. Trump didn’t show up himself, but did send a team of representatives.

The RNC has been under a good deal of fire from Trump and his supporters recently, who call the nominating system “rigged.”

Although Trump leads in the delegate count, it is possible he could enter the Convention without the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot. If that happens, it could become a floor fight, a prospect for which the assembled committee members are likely trying to prepare at this meeting.