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McDonald’s Is Testing Out a Bigger Big Mac

It looks like McDonald’s (MCD) Big Mac might be joined by a larger version of the iconic hamburger called the Grand Mac, and a smaller one, the Mac Jr.

The fast-food chain is testing the variations on its classic sandwich in Columbus, Ohio and Dallas-Fort Worth ahead of a potential national rollout of the sandwiches. In a tweet, McDonald’s Columbus and Central Ohio touted the sandwiches, telling potential diners to “get em’ before they’re gone & for the rest of America.”

A corporate spokeswoman did not respond to a request from Fortune for comment.

According to a Columbus Business First report, the Grand Mac would have one-third of a pound of beef, two slices of cheese and a larger bun. As for the Mac Jr., the mini-sandwiched would have one patty. The current Big Mac has one-fifth of a pound of beef. McDonald’s first introduced the Big Mac in 1967, and the signature sandwich has barely changed since then.

The company has begun to recover from a long slide in the U.S.: In October, McDonald’s reported its first quarter of comparable sales gains in two years. The company built on that growth with a huge 5.7% increase in the following quarter.


That was the result of tests like All-Day Breakfast that McDonald’s implemented and a return to its original way of making Egg McMuffins. To keep that going, McDonald’s has been conducting all sorts of other tests, too. It has tried out things like using kale and larger beef burgers.

Earlier this year, the company told investors that all items, even its classics, were on the table for rethinking.

“We’re working on every item on our core menu,” McDonald’s USA president Mike Andres said last month.