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Here’s the Latest Taylor Swift Apple Music Ad to Go Viral

Taylor Swift '1989' World Tour - SydneyTaylor Swift '1989' World Tour - Sydney
Taylor Swift performs during her '1989' World Tour in Sydney, Australia. Photograph by Mark Metcalfe—Getty Images

If you didn’t think Taylor Swift was a phenomenon yet, just look at what she’s doing with Apple Music.

On Monday morning, Swift published a new Apple Music ad depicting her listening to Jimmy Eat World song, “The Middle.” In just two hours, the one-minute video has secured two million views on Facebook (FB), over 28,000 likes on her Twitter (TWTR) account, and 725,000 likes on Instagram.

The ad, titled “Getting Ready to Go Out,” features Swift trying to find a song as she gets ready to go out. She taps her iPhone’s Apple Music icon, finds a playlist on getting ready to go out, and chooses the Jimmy Eat World track. As she’s getting ready, Swift then sings along with the track. The song ends with the tagline, “Every song for every moment,” followed by an Apple Music logo.

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The ad is the second Apple Music commercial this month to feature Taylor Swift. The first, released on April 1, quickly went viral on its own, featuring Swift running on a treadmill while listening to Drake’s “Jumpman.” The song quickly became a hit as millions of people around the world streamed the ad.

Swift, who set records and earned several awards for her successful 1989 album last year, has become critical to Apple’s (AAPL) efforts at promoting its fledgling music streaming service. Swift is one of the most iconic musicians in the world today, with an Instagram account boasting nearly 74 million followers and a Facebook page with just under 75 million likes. Apple has (seemingly and intelligently) latched onto Swift’s social train and used it to promote Apple Music.

The issue for Apple is that it’s currently facing a competitive market in streaming. The tech giant’s Apple Music service is believed to have over 11 million subscribers, which would be far below chief competitor Spotify’s nearly 30 million subscriber count. Apple also needs to consider other streaming providers, such as Jay-Z’s Tidal.

Still, Apple Music has an advantage. For one, it’s running on most iPhones and iPads around the world, and Apple Music is available via the company’s other hardware, including Macs and the Apple TV. Spotify typically needs to be installed in order for users to get it up and running on their devices.

Apple has also been able to sidestep most of the drama surrounding streaming music, thanks in no small part to not offering an ad-supported model. Indeed, Swift, along with Adele and others, did not offer their latest albums on Spotify because of its free version, which allows users to listen to tracks as long as they also listen to ads. Swift has been one of the more outspoken critics of that model, saying musicians should be paid fairly for their creations. Free services, she has argued, could hurt artists by limiting the royalties they earn off their tracks.

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Apple has also employed another strategy to get support for its service: exclusivity. Last week, Drake revealed that his upcoming album Views From the 6 would be available exclusively on Apple Music. However, that exclusivity will run out after seven days, and then the album will be available on other services.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Eat World might want to get ready to collect a nice check. After Swift’s Drake-based Apple Music ad aired, “Jumpman” sales were up 431% worldwide on iTunes, and the #Gymflow playlist Swift mentioned in the video became the fifth-most-popular Apple Music playlist worldwide.

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Judging by how well “The Middle” is performing right now, it might just get the same boost.