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Here’s What the New Amazon Kindle Will Look Like Illustrations Ahead Of Illustrations Ahead Of Earnings
It will be called the Oasis.Photograph by Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon is set to unveil a new line of Kindle e-book readers this week, but the device’s specs have already leaked.

According to a Tmall web page that was first spotted by Reddit users and Motherboard and has already been taken down, Amazon’s (AMZN) upcoming device will be called the Kindle Oasis and will have an unusual design. On one long side, depending on which way you want to hold it, it will have a wide bezel, presumably to make it easier to hold.

Check out images here.

The web page also discussed a rechargeable battery case, rumors of which surfaced last week, that will let the Kindle to last up to 20 months on standby. The case attaches to the device with small magnets and comes in three colors, all made out of leather. Additionally, the Oasis’ software will include a “sleep mode” feature, and the battery case and the device’s own battery are designed to work in tandem to conserve as much power as possible. When the device is attached to the case and plugged in, both batteries will charge, and when it’s unplugged, it will first use the case’s battery before tapping into the Kindle’s internal supply.


One disappointment, however: The Oasis won’t be waterproof—or even water resistant—despite its name.

Other specs revealed on the page include a 300 ppi screen with 60% more LED lights. The device will weigh 131 grams (about 4.6 oz.), which Amazon says is 20% lighter than previous models. It will be 3.4 millimeters at its thinnest, and 8.5 millimeters at its thickest.