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Walmart Pulls Shirt that Features Maryland Terps on Massachusetts Outline

Two Walmart stores will close in Colorado.Two Walmart stores will close in Colorado.
Walmart outpost in Colorado.Photograph by Kathryn Scott Osler—Denver Post via Getty Images

A shirt that was being sold at Walmart (WMT) mixed up two states with very different outlines.

Up until Monday the retailer was selling a Russell Athletic T-shirt that featured the logo of the Maryland Terrapins, the University of Maryland’s team commonly called the Terps. Unfortunately the Maryland logo sat on top of an outline of Massachusetts, which didn’t get past Twitter.

It was first noticed by someone on Twitter last summer:


But it wasn’t brought into the spotlight until the end of March when another person posted a picture of the shirt next to outlines of both Maryland and Massachusetts, illustrating how drastic the oversight was.


Two Walmart employees responded. The first identified herself as “Marie” and attempted to explain the shirt by saying that the outlines of the two states are pretty similar. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to fool the Twitterverse.

The final response came from “Sonny” who acknowledged the mistake with a fitting turtle joke:


Walmart has since apologized for the mix up. “We are working with Russell Athletic to determine how this happened and in the meantime are removing the shirt from our stores,” the retailer told the Washington Post. “We understand the pride Marylanders feel for the Terps, and apologize for the mistake.”