McDonald’s Japan Launches Big Mac With 3 Times the Meat

April 5, 2016, 6:58 PM UTC
A McDonald's Big Mac, their signature sandwich is held up near the golden arches at a McDonalds's August 10, 2015, in Centreville, Virginia. AFP PHOTO/PAUL J. RICHARDS (Photo credit should read PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)
Photograph by Paul J. Richards—AFP via Getty Images

McDonald’s Japan is launching two new super-sized sandwiches on Wednesday—the Grand Big Mac and the Giga Big Mac.

Both are similar to the classic McDonald’s (MCD) sandwich with beef patties topped with lettuce, cheese, pickles, and special sauce. However, according to Japan’s RocketNews24, each one is essentially an enlarged version of a Big Mac.

The Grand Big Mac has two beef patties that are larger than in the original, upping the meat content by 30%. It will be sold for 52 yen, or $4.60. The Giga Big Mac has almost three times the amount of meat as a regular Big Mac with four beef patties packed into one burger. McDonald’s has described it as a suitable option for patrons who want “a satisfied sense of accomplishment.”

With great sandwiches come great sides—which is why McDonald’s Japan is also launching “grand-size” soft drinks and French fries, a size bigger than the largest usually offered.

This new lineup will go on sale at McDonald’s restaurants in Japan on April 6, but only for a limited time. It will be removed from the menu towards the end of the month. Locations will also only be serving a limited number of these items each day.


McDonald’s Japan is known for adding crazy, limited-time-offer items to its menu. Last November it sold 48-piece buckets of Chicken McNuggets, and in January it introduced “McChoco Potato,” which was just French fries topped with chocolate sauce.

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