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Chef Gordon Ramsay Gets His Own Kim Kardashian-Like Game

FOX's "Hell's Kitchen" - Season ElevenFOX's "Hell's Kitchen" - Season Eleven
Chef Gordon Ramsay on the set of Hell's Kitchen.Photograph courtesy of FOX—Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to be yelled at by the infamously terrifying Chef Gordon Ramsay, look out for his new mobile game.

Ramsay has been working with Glu Mobile (GLUU) for about two years to develop the new chef-themed game that, according to Venture Beat, will be some kind of Diner Dash-Kim Kardashian hybrid. Ramsay first entered the $30 million mobile game market in May 2014 after Glu bought Diner Dash creator PlayFirst.

The game will be strongly rooted in the chef’s celebrity personality—insults, four letter words, and all. Glu wanted to create something in the cooking genre, but with a social component like Kim Kardashian’s successful “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” which the reality star bragged on Twitter earned her $80 million in royalties.

“This is a partnership that will break new ground,” Glu CEO Niccolo De Masi told Venture Beat. “We have never done something this deep in a genre like this with someone like Mr. Ramsay.” Players start off as a poor chef and over time, as they advance their virtual careers, can upgrade their restaurant. All the while Ramsay’s character acts as a mentor and helps you earn “Wishelin” stars.

The game, still unnamed, is expected to come out this summer.

De Masi tends to approach celebrities with large followings, which gives their games substantial free promotion. Ramsay has a social media following of over 10 million and often appears on television for Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, and MasterChef.