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Here are the Trump ‘Products’ From Election Night

Donald Trump in Jupiter, Florida.Donald Trump in Jupiter, Florida.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign press conference event at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, FL on March 8, 2016The Washington Post—Getty Images

During his news conference-meets-campaign rally on Tuesday night, Donald Trump not only celebrated winning primaries in Mississippi and Michigan, he took the assembled supporters and reporters on a short tour of his many products.

He showed them Trump Steaks (which ιyou can’t actually buy anymore.) He held up some Trump Wine. He passed out a copy of Trump magazine. And he even had a few bottles of Trump Water.

The only problem? It didn’t look like all of the products were his own. Mashable noted that the steaks were actually branded Bush Brothers (no relation to Jeb or George W.), the water was bottled by a company that puts private labels on for customers, and it wasn’t the original Trump magazine he was holding. It was a branded publication published for his clubs. Trump magazine folded in 2009.


Trump was trying to push back against critics who claim that all of his businesses have failed. Opponents like Marco Rubio have been raising the issue in recent debates, and former presidential candidate Mitt Romney harped on them when he lambasted Trump in a speech last week.