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Steve Ballmer Isn’t the Only NBA Exec to Do a Trampoline Dunk

New Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad StevensNew Boston Celtics Head Coach Brad Stevens
Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens (right) with general manager Danny Ainge.Photo courtesy of Boston Globe via Getty Images

Sure, Los Angeles Clippers owner and former Microsoft (MSFT) chief Steve Ballmer did a pretty amazing trampoline dunk in front of fans a few days ago. But Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens beat him to the punch a day earlier, albeit in an almost empty gym.

Here’s proof:


Stevens said he was rebounding for his son and saw the trampoline setup. After some advice from the Celtics’ Lucky (The Leprechaun) mascot, he tried it, according to and other outlets.

“I did ask that nobody tape it but obviously that got lost in the translation,” Stevens told reporters the next day, before the Celtics-Utah Jazz game.

“A dunk for me is, um, pretty unusual. I enjoyed it. It was fun.”

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Asked if he’d ever dunked during a high school or college game, Stevens, who was listed as 6’1″ as a player at DePauw, said: “Did I ever dunk for real? Not with, not, uh, no.”

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In other NBA non-player dunk news, Memphis Grizzlies owner Robert Pera apparently couldn’t let these antics go unanswered. He executed his own dunk on March 1. But, as Pera noted, he did not need a trampoline.

As video of all these dunks shows, most of these guys should probably stick to their day jobs.