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Amazon Teams Up With Brita for a Smart Water Pitcher


Amazon has been partnering with Samsung and Brother to create smart printers that automatically order replacement toners from the e-commerce giant’s site, through its Dash Replenishment service.

On Monday, Amazon expanded its horizons to water, with a new deal with water filtering giant Brita.

A new Wi-Fi-enabled Brita water pitcher, called the Infinity, will track the amount of water that passes through the pitcher’s filter. Then the pitcher will automatically order a new filter through Amazon’s site when the old filter nears its capacity.

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Similar to the printer integrations, the water filter order is placed and shipped by Amazon. After the filter arrives at a user’s front door, they simply need to insert the replacement product. The new Infinity pitcher is available on Amazon’s site for $44.99.

These deals are a huge step for Amazon when it comes to snagging more of the consumers’ wallet and using the Internet of things to make commerce so seamless it’s something the consumer doesn’t even think about.

And Amazon’s moving beyond printers and water filters. Amazon partnered with General Electric to create washing machines can detect when they are out of detergent and ping the e-commerce company to order more. Other manufacturers expected to add the technology to their devices include August, Oster, Petnet, Sealed Air, and Whirlpool.

Amazon has been betting big on its Internet of things strategy, which includes the Dash Replenishment service. Amazon also offers Echo, the Internet-connected speaker, personal assistant, and home automation platform. What makes Amazon’s strategy different from others is that all its services are attached to the company’s core e-commerce business.