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This Company Is Shutting Down for Leap Day

Amazon To Buy Online Shoe Retailer ZapposAmazon To Buy Online Shoe Retailer Zappos
A sign is seen on the front door of the headquarters July 22, 2009 in Henderson, Nevada. Inc. announced today it would acquire the online shoe retailer for 10 million shares of stock plus USD 40 million in cash and stock for Zappos employees in a deal worth about USD 850 million. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)Photograph by Ethan Miller — Getty Images

Online shoe retailer Zappos is shutting down for Leap Day.

The company, which is owned by Amazon (AMZN), has put together a petition to call for Feb. 29 to be declared a national paid holiday.

In a release, Zappos said it wants its employees to have the day off to “Take the Leap” and “do something big, something they’ve always wanted to do.”

The petition, which has drummed up a little over 5,000 signatures since being posted two weeks ago, explains, “Leap Day occurs every four years on February 29, and it should be a national holiday!” The petition continues, “Just think of what you would do with your one extra day off, every four years. Conquering your fears? Finally starting the project of your dreams? Join us in making Leap Day a holiday, and #TaketheLeap!”

But why? “Because it makes sense! It’s that extra 366th day in the year, it only happens once every four years, and we want to give that day back to the PEOPLE,” the petition continues.

The day off may be needed to keep Zappos workers happy. 14% of the Las Vegas-based company’s employees took an exit package after CEO Tony Hsieh moved the company to holocracy, or a management method where employees manage themselves without bosses.